The DIG Collective | Collaborators
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Four women wearing suits in a line facing forward. From left to right: woman holding a large plastic gun in front of stomach and is snearing at the camera amd gold coins are falling from the sky, woman in suit holdign a small plastic gun in her right hand which has a black g string dangling from the end, a woman with suit buttoned and wearing a black hat is holding a rainbow coloured ribbon, a woman holding a plastic skull up with her left hand and a small plastic tambourine in her right hand below the skull.


Original Members of The DIG Collective include:

Grace Cummings

Michael Fee

Lily Fish

Amy Hack

David Harris

Joshua Lynzaat

Dana McMillan

Tim Sneddon

Alex Talamo

Mentors and Directors

Tom Gutteridge

Gail Kelly

Eddie Paterson

Leisa Shelton

People We Love

Felix Ching Ching Ho

Harriet Devlin

Casey Gould

Richard Pettifer

Robert Reid

 Stephen Taberner

Alisa Tanaka- King

Ben Thomas

Avan Whaite

Union House Theatre

UMSU Creative Arts Department