The DIG Collective | Who We Are
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Four women wearing suits in a line facing forward. From left to right: woman holding a large plastic gun in front of stomach and is snearing at the camera amd gold coins are falling from the sky, woman in suit holdign a small plastic gun in her right hand which has a black g string dangling from the end, a woman with suit buttoned and wearing a black hat is holding a rainbow coloured ribbon, a woman holding a plastic skull up with her left hand and a small plastic tambourine in her right hand below the skull.

The DIG Collective

The DIG Collective began working together in 2011 and grew out of a group of artists who were committed to building politically responsible creative works and relationships. We’re a queer, feminist and access-leading organisation with our own access officer and audio describer. We draw from the slow dramaturgy philosophy, allowing us to gestate an idea over a long period of time, gather resources in a more environmentally friendly way, and train our body for specific physicalities for each performance.

Comprised of alumni of The University of Melbourne and the Victorian College of the Arts, they have strong ties to both its present and past performance communities and draw on the performance practices of these communities.

Alex Talamo – Artistic Director

Alex Tálamo is a director and deviser who works across visual, live and media arts. Conceptually, her work investigates outsider identities, including migrant and feminist perspectives, and is always responsive to contemporary political frameworks. Her interests lay in fiercely examining her Australian context, and reframing this to audiences through a lens that intersects art, ritual and the everyday experience.

Dana McMillan – Artistic Director

Dana McMillan is a Melbourne theatre maker, writer and performer. Her solo work focuses on abstracting classical tales through original text and physical performance and works in non-linear and devised processes. Dana has trained in voice with Suzanne Heywood and movement with artists such as Teresa Blake, John Britton and Leisa Shelton. She is also a company member of Soothplayers: Completely Improvised Shakespeare and physical, improvised comedy collective, Quiet Achievers.

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Christa Jonathan – Access Officer
Christa predominantly works as a production and stage manager for site-specific, experimental and socio-culturally challenging works of theatre. Her life goal is to consistently make universally accessible productions developed by and for people who are not white men, and to pet all the dogs. In 2014, Christa was the recipient of the prestigious Melbourne Theatre Company’s Robert McDonald Professional Development Award in 2014 (Stage Management Secondment, MTC’s Jumpy), and The Readings Foundation and The Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship. She freelances as a graphic designer and writer with works revolving around having grown up in Indonesia and being a Third Culture Kid everywhere she is. Christa is currently learning Auslan at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Left half of image is rotating text of The Dig Collective's biography in english, translated into Vietnamese and then translated back into English. The right half of the image in one side of a woman's face.


Lana Nguyen – Cultural Provocateur
Lana is an artist whose practice currently centres on exploring the idea of home in Australia. Coming from a half-Vietnamese refugee, half colonial-Australian background – she is interested in looking at the contestations in the history of this land, its borders and its margins. She is the co-founder of the theatre company Grub theatre, who is currently developing a site-specific work ‘Planning Atlantis’ in the Docklands. She is interested in interdisciplinary approaches between art and activism, and is currently working as an intern at Ascension Magazine – Australia’s First Indigenous & Ethnic Women’s Lifestyle Magazine, advocating for and creating more diversity within the Australian media and fashion industry.

image of man face camera, wearing a black t-whirt that reads 'LIAR'

Richard Pettifer – Remote Dramaturg
Richard Pettifer is a director, critic, dramaturg and solo performer based in Berlin. His work crosses environmental activism, a disappearing publicness and new pedagogies in the theatre, attempting to demand attention on the ways we support of the global system through implicit cultural norms and mechanisms creating ethical distance and dehumanisation. He works remotely and personally, solo and with groups, in India, Indonesia, Australia, Eastern Europe and the UK, and writes critical responses to Berlin theatre at
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