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Two mugs, one with two tigers illustrated on it, the other with illustrations of women doing aerobics

Little Rituals

Little Rituals Dana McMillan   i. But, you may say, we asked you to speak about feminist, experimental theatre in Melbourne – what has that got to do with those old English words, ‘a room of one’s own’? I shall try to explain.   When you asked me those words I...

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A man in the middle wearing a banana costume is giving the finger to the audience. Behind him is a man in a white shirt in a pose like a velociraptor, a man gesturing to the sky with both hands and a woman in a red dress and black feather boa leaning over towards the ground.

The Case for Collectivism

  Featured image: Running Man 2015 - Dana McMillan, Joshua Lynzaat, Michael Fee, Isabella Vadiveloo and David Harris   The Case for Collectivism Alex Talamo   Our collectivism is always on the precipice of failure. Our collectivism is always failing. Largely this is from pressure both within ourselves and from an organised...

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