The DIG Collective | The DIG Collective Starts a Revolution (with Dinner)
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  • A man in a sking jump suit and large orange helmut is facing the camera and waving with his right hand. Confetti of different colours is falling from the sky. In the background is a white brick wall and a window in the centre

The DIG Collective Starts a Revolution (with Dinner)

Tonight we conspire to…
The DIG Collective’s revolution happens at the dinner table. This work invites audiences to dinner to meet new people, share ideas and offer a proposal for revolution. Designed originally for Mudfest 2015 as a place to reflect on the festival and work within it, this project acts as a format for generating ideas about art, and a platform for thinking about how work might generate new philosophies and action. The evening features a curated collection of speakers but everyone is welcome to take up the mic (for a maximum of three minutes). Listeners are welcome and live tweeting is endorsed.

As a gesture of camaraderie we ask all guests to bring a plate of something delicious to share, but please, no peanuts – we believe in peaceful revolutions.

…because tomorrow we take to the streets!
Devised by

Alex Talamo, Michael Fee and Dana McMillan


The Mudclub, Mudfest2015 at the University of Melbourne, 2015