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Meet Dana McMillan: her Data, her DNA, herself. In byte-sized versions.

We are sitting at the cusp of the undeniable—yet mostly invisible—fundamental shift in the way we conceive of technological integration in our lives. For women’s bodies this means new sophisticated systems of surveillance and compliance.

Based on real experiments, Dana McMillan poetically audits herself according to the billions of data points we’ve extracted about her. This performance of dissection explores the nature of being in a world constantly feeding your identity back to you.


Focusing on a solo performer, the work delves into the complex relationship we have with Big Data and questions how our sense of self and the female body is reshaped in the face of this technological revolution. 


Alex Talamo


Dana McMillan

Design Advisors

Corinna Berndt, Kellie Wells and Youjia Lu

Research Associate and Outside Eye

Michael Fee and Jean Tong


Alex Talamo


hillsceneLIVE Festival, Birdsland Reserve 2017.

Pankow Art Spring, Old Australian Embassy Berlin 2017 (development showing).

Festival Fatale, WITS (Women in Theatre and Screen) Eternity Playhouse, Darlinghurst, 2016 (moved reading).

D+NA was also selected for the Women’s Circus, ‘A Room of One’s Own’ Residency and was undertaken in February 2017.



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