The DIG Collective | DoubleSpeak
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  • A face with mouth open has Scrabble pieces falling from the mouth.
  • A man in a white business shirt sits behind a wooden desk and is picking something from his left shoulder. Across the desk in the right hand side of the photo is a woman sitting, talking to the man. her hands are raised up in front of her chest
  • A woman in a long sleeved t-shirt stands at a microphone, speaking into it with her hands open in front of her, gesturing.
  • Man in a white shirt sits at a large wooden desk and is drinking a glass of water. To the left is a woman, looking back at the man and extending her left arm in his direction.
  • Smiling woman, in a white business shirt, sitting at a large wooden desk with her hands folded on the table in front of her. Behind her to the right is a man who is standing and smirking, also in a white business shirt holding a sign that says "Iraq is getting better"
  • A man and a woman in white shirts tucked into dark suit pants are gesuring. The man has his left hand outstreched in front of him and the woman has both hands out in front of her at waist height. Both are looking forward.
  • A man shirtless in boardshorts and sunglasses stands under a large steel lamp. he is lookign toward the lamp on his right and has a coconut in his left hand, raised up towards his mouth.
  • A woman in striped bikini and sarong aroung her waist is wearing red shiny headphones. She is lit by a large steel lamp to her right. her fac is turned away from the right. her left hand is resting on her forehead and her right arm is slightly outstreched with her palm open.
  • Man at wooden desk on the street in Frankston talking to three people who are standing in front of the desk. The person in the middle has their finger raised in front of them as though makign a point.
  • A man wearing headphones and holding a microphone in foreground. A man in a suit with white shirt and tie is sitting on top of a brown wooden desk and a woman in a suit with a white shirt and tie is sitting in front of the desk on a chair. They are each gesturing with their hands. These two people are in the background.


An experimental theatre production about difficult conversations, the experience of an island and two bodies on stage.


DoubleSpeak explores Australian political rhetoric, personal mythology, and ‘doublethink’; the experience of two contradictory ideas held at the same time as true. Set against the backdrop of the 2014 election, the performance is structured around a single conversation. Two people recount to each other where they were on the night of the election, but as they repeat the story, cracks appear; in their language, interpretation of events, and identities. Through the re-telling, reframing, and recapitulating of this one event, different structures of control embedded within the language are revealed. In one story we see the very personal effect this public dialogue has on private lives.


The performance includes audio taken during residence at each performance venue, where the collective set up a ‘public office’ as a community platform.


DoubleSpeak has appeared at Frankston Anywhere Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival at the Mechanic’s Institute in Brunswick, Footscray Community Arts Centre and the Performance Studies International conference. 



Alex Talamo


Michael Fee and Dana McMillan


Tim Sneddon


Alex Talamo

Fan Design

Emma Adinolfi after Arjuna Benson and Athan Vadiakas


Richard Pettifer

Access Officer and Audio Describer

Joshua Lynzaat

Audio Description Technician

Michael Kelly from MAK-TRACK Audio

Outside Eye

Jean Tong and Casey Gould

Front of House

Christa Jonathan


Aaron Walker


Anywhere Festival, Frankston 2015

Melbourne Fringe Festival, Metanoia Theatre @ The Mechanics Institute, Brunswick 2015

FCAC Call to Create Program, Footscray Community Arts Centre 2016

Performance Studies International Conference (PSI2016), University of Melbourne Guild Theatre 2016. (An excerpt)


Melbourne Fringe Festival – A Response: Doublespeak, Immanent Disasters

Anywhere Festival – MINT Magazine

Anywhere Festival – Up the Creek with a pen…


Alex Talamo on Doublespeak – Maggie Journal

DoubleSpeak | Beat Magazine

DoubleSpeak| Maribyrnong Leader – 17 May 2016 

Doublespeak | Frankston Standard Leader

Interview with Richard Watts on Triple R’s SmartArts: (Interview from 1:38:00) – Featuring director Alex Talamo and performer Dana McMillan

Interview on SYN’s Art Smitten – Focus on sound design and access with Tim Sneddon and Joshua Lynzaat

FCAC DoubleSpeak Promotional Video


“(with an) Orwellian soundtrack and dialogue and two performers one could not take one’s eyes off of, this was a mesmerizing night at the theatre… thought provoking, funny and insightful” – MINT Magazine


“…living up to their reputation as experimental and innovative, (The DIG Collective) present an entertaining show – tightly scripted and acted”  – Up The Creek with a pen…


“(The DIG Collective) is unlike any other theatre company in Melbourne” – Immanent Disasters

Audience Responses

“Superb performances, great set and direction. And politics that doesn’t preach or bore!! What more could you want in Fringe (or any) show. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this wonderful piece of theatre. Gosh, I haven’t been this excited about a piece of theatre in ages! Keep it coming DIG!”

“Great work tonight Alex Talamo and cast! Really enjoyed all the thought provoking issues pulled together into a bit of a politically challenging gem… Oh and the plane prop, wheel and was it a turntable(?) – mesmerising!”

“My only Fringe Show this year! So thrilled to have seen these wonderful artists develop from strength to strength over this last year. Support this work!!”