The DIG Collective | Running Man
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  • David in a suit standing in front of a black wall written over in chalk.
  • Running Man promo image. Five people lined up, ready to start a race in different coloured tracksuits on a grass oval.
  • Performers in costume making large gestures as Bella pushes Josh and David away
  • David upset, holding a microphone while Michael is talking in his ear
  • Michael leading Dana, who is blindfolded
  • Performers in coloured tracksuits in a line posed mid sentence
  • People in tracksuits, writing on a black wall
  • Michael talking into microphone wearing only underwear and people wiping the wall in the background
  • Michael talking into a microphone

Running Man

In a world of information the audience has forgotten how to ask questions, but if they don’t start asking questions soon, it’ll be too late for a show that’s all about doing something. Do anything. Run.

With the rise of the individual comes the breaking down of communities. And we’re about to witness just how far that breakdown can travel as Running Man threatens to burst out of the walls of the theatre. The performance centres around a real-time action; someone running on the spot for the entire duration of the performance. In vignette form, the ensemble grapple with a series of physical tasks designed to test their skills as performers in the spotlight.

It’s a piece that explores being together and not knowing how to be together; a performance of taking action, doing action, and succumbing to action, and, simply, a work about running.


Alex Talamo


Michael Fee, David Harris, Joshua Lynzaat, Dana McMillan, Isabella Vadiveloo


Ben Thomas


Alisa Tanaka-King and Alex Talamo


Gareth Trew


Jack Richardson and Alex Talamo


Development Showing, Tower Theatre, Coopers Malthouse 2014