The DIG Collective | Sweat For You
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Sweat For You

In the curated performance of sweating, the visual relationship to sex, sexuality and gender are a public matter.


The sweat of feminine bodies is a subject of public concern. These bodies are targets for marking products that are ‘sweat-combating’, suggesting limits to the freedom of movement, physicality and strength that women can display. In Sweat For You we place our bodies at the extremes of physical function in order to explore female sexuality within public space. Through durational performance we present the production, maintenance and collection of sweat as a deliberate queer defiance of systems of control that are placed on women’s bodies. 


Sweat For You had its first development in June 2017 at The Old Australian Embassy in Pankow, Germany. Further creative development was undertaken in Performance Space’s Liveworks Lab in November 2017.


This work is yet to be premiered.