The DIG Collective | Uncorked: Gigi Rhinestone’s Fuck Off We’re Fully Booked Cabaret
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  • The DIG Collective in cabaret costumes with instuments singing at microphones.
  • Bella as Sexy Suzy hula hooping and wering a beard.
  • Michael dressed in a fish costume as Andy Fish.
  • Dana in bathers with her hands in the air and a cardboard surfboard around her face.
  • Josh dressed as Sundry Myles with microphone and bottle of wine.
  • David and collective in background, holding hula hoops. Audience hands in the air in foreground.
  • Michael being hit by leeks, being hit dressed as 'Scott Millinson'
  • Josh as Sundry Myles in a black dress and wig with a beer, screaming at the audience
  • David in a flower singlet and underwear with his hands in the air, at the microphone
  • Dana in red sequined dress at microphone

Uncorked: Gigi Rhinestone’s Fuck Off We’re Fully Booked Cabaret

First performed at Monash University’s Container Festival, DIG Does Cabaret is a night of Butoh burlesque, seditious sing-a-longs, mass sex-ercise, and Russell Crowe poetry readings. Hosted by Gigi Rhinestone, it features the talents of Australia’s insane sweetheart songstress, Sundry Miles, our own bearded lady, Ms Sexy Suzy, Beat poet and whale-sceptic, Andy Fish, and Top Gun fan, Tony Baloney. It’s a night you’ll be trying to forget for the rest of your life.


Warning: Show contains coarse language, unsexy bodies and Scott Morrison being hit by leeks.


Alex Talamo


Michael Fee, David Harris, Joshua Lynzaat, Dana McMillan, Tim Sneddon & Isabella Vadiveloo


Aaron Walker


MUST Container Festival, Monash University, 2014
White Night Festival, Melbourne City, 2014
NYE on the Hill Festival, Wonthaggi 2014


“I couldn’t have said it better myself and think that Whack a Mollinson should be played in Canberra.” – Aussie Theatre

“Their mash of cabaret/physical theatre/clowning/poetry/comedy/drama is as visceral as it is funny.” – The Plus Ones

Adaptable for time and space, you can book this cabaret spectacular for your birthday party, christening or bar mitzvah! Contact us at