The DIG Collective | Unprovoked Festival of Short Works
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  • A photo through of the rear window of a car at night time, lit from within
  • Text written on paper, stuck to a brick wall in fragments
  • Justin in a tiger costume lit from in front, leaning over the audience
  • Lily in a pink dress sitting at a table opposite an empty chair
  • Josiah lit by red lit, behind a suitcase
  • Bella covered in feathers bursting from a large recycling bin

Unprovoked Festival of Short Works

The Unprovoked Festival of Short Works is a project exploring alternative processes for contemporary theatre devising. This flagship festival involves a twelve-week creative process with a curated group of emerging artists. In this collaborative making process artists are provided with provocations, inspiration, and a curatorial structure to knits together a solo work within the context of a collective experience.

In the first six weeks of the process the artists present new work on a weekly basis; drawing from the tasks provided provocation, inspiration, challenge or offer. In the second half of the project, artists lead their own process for making, using the showings to dig deeper into their selected material. Audiences are invited throughout process with specific tools for understanding the work – allowing them access to a devised process as well as the opportunity to see great work.

The festival was picked up by the University of Melbourne and The DIG Collective was able to present the festival with a new group of artists as part of their six-month residency at Union House Theatre.

Facilitation and Curation (Season 1)

Alex Talamo


Grace Cummings, Michael Fee, Lily Fish, David Harris, Joshua Lynzaat, Dana McMillan & Timothy Sneddon

Facilitation and Curation (Season 2)

The DIG Collective


Daniel Jones, Shannon Loughnane, Lana Nguyen, Justin Nott, Mick Roe & Isabella Vadiveloo


Alex Talamo


Guild Theatre (and surrounds), University of Melbourne 2012
As Artists in Residence at UHT, Guild Theatre (and surrounds), University of Melbourne 2013